When starting up a business, the attention turns to filling up the sales pipeline with qualified prospects. However, only a very small percentage of those new leads generated through your inbound marketing efforts will ever become customers. Less than 5% of all new leads that any company receives will be termed “ready-to-buy.” Out of that 5%, only 1% will become actual paying customers. So what happened to the other 95% of those leads that were not sales ready? Usually, not much. An occasional email here, or a quick phone call there will not deliver results.

So what is lead nurturing? Lead nurturing is part of an inbound marketing strategy that consists of consistent and meaningful communication with viable prospects regardless of their timing to buy. Simply put, a lead nurturing program builds solid relationships with prospects by keeping your organization “top-of-mind” for when the prospect does become “ready to buy.” This typically begins with creating unique content that helps to solve a prospects problem. After receiving new content that helps them, the prospect will begin to think that this company can help you with their business.