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Liberal Hypocracy Continues


Live on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show, the CEO of 1st In SEO will be discussing his position of refusing to do business with Republicans and Trump supporters. This CEO has the moral character of a meth head crack whore. He’s going to refuse service to others based on political opinions. He’s a walking oxymoron. A text book bigot and publicity seeking scumbag. Nice hack shop in a strip mall fits him.

The CEO reminds me of that kid who brought the football to the playground, and when they were picking teams, he was taken last. Well, he got mad because he was taken last, he picked up the football and went home. Leaving all the other kids all stranded at the playground.

You have a right to your opinion, but you don’t have the right to discriminate against people who are of a certain political party. We actually have laws in place to prevent this type of action. I hope that they are sued out of business. However, that may not happen since liberals are exempt from discrimination, whereas conservative business owners who refuse to bake a cake for a same sex couple gets fined out of business. This is yet another liberal that proves that the word “liberal” has become an oxymoron!

This CEO has to have one of the lowest IQ on the planet to even be pushing this. Nobody really knows nothing about what is Donald Trump is going to do once he begins his term.  This guy is as anti-American as they come, and you are destined to join GrubHub as the real anti-Semites of this election.

d1f6416a42701b2117e2e399f614fee1How will you recognize the Trump supporters? Are you going to blatently ask them in an intake questionnaire? Maybe start a petition that some kind of law needs to be passed to make them wear a certain badge. The United States was built on the free enterprise system and free markets that allow for competition. You want to damage your individual reputation and the reputation of the company that you represent, than go ahead. Potential customers needing your services will take their business elsewhere, you are the epitome of bigotry and intolerance.  Have fun in bankruptcy court when you start losing business as a result of your moronic statements. Liberalism really is a mental disorder, and the CEO of 1st In SEO demonstrated it brilliantly.

If you’re in need of online marketing services by all means send me a message. Our online marketing firm doesn’t judge you by who you voted for or support. Unlike this unpatriotic moron, we’ll be happy to assist you.