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Website Design

The serious small business entrepreneur should not take the design of their website for granted. With proper planning, the small business entrepreneur should treat their website as a long term investment.

With numerous tools out there today, small business owners who have very little to no money, have the ability to build a website themselves either free or at very low cost. However, many quickly realize that they are in over their head when it comes to managing their website. Small business owners are limited to the number of design templates that a free template service provides. If you are a serious business owner, who has an idea of what they want, going the custom route is the best option. At GMM Creative, we base our prices on the hourly rate of $150 per hour and require our clients to have a minimum $5,000 budget in order to be accepted. For many small business startups, this is just not an option as many do not have the budget saved up. This is due to lack of planning by the small business owner. This site was created as a small budget alternative offering custom website design at a fraction of what we charge our larger clients. My hourly rate is $75 per hour with a 3 hour minimum per appointment. For a small business on a small budget, that means it will take about 10-12 appointments to complete your project.