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Anthony Bourdain: Another Hypocrite Liberal

Last week, Anthony Bourdain refused to attend the Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump. I’m sorry for Mr. Bourdain, he clearly doesn’t understand that hatred is the poison that destroys its own container. It’s not President-elect Trump who he’s hurting with his hateful thoughts, words and actions.

It is absolutely wrong for Professional Service providers like Chefs or Artistes and Singers to take sides just because a Politician or Candidate is different to their political views. The worst part is, people teaching Diversity and Tolerance are the ones that are in fact intolerant and racist!

All these celebs think the average Americans are going to follow their “love to hate trump” standard… one less celebrity less people will watch, and I can’t wait until it starts hitting their pocketbooks because they create their own haters.

I watched Anthony Bourdain years ago, he is a recovering drug addict and alcoholic who likes to hear his own voice and discusses topics he has no education in, not someone who should offer advice on a lot of stuff I guess. He must need the attention and the money.

Honestly, I am so sick of these morons, they have it made big time in this country and they are act like spoiled brats. How about boycotting Anthony Boutdain …people. I will never ever watch one of his shows ever again. He doesn’t get his way of crooked Killary Hillary, he is going to pout and be disrespectful to the president elect. Sick and tired of you big Hollywood loud mouths. Who told you people that you dictated what goes on here in America with your progressive liberalism? Let us call it for what it is. REGRESSIVE SOCIALISM

Pssst Anthony, you might not of heard but Trump doesn’t need your patronage. Here’s something else you might not have considered, I call it the “double edge sword syndrome”, basically it just means this situation could cut against you as well. Say we start paying attention to the restaurants you feature on your program and by attention I mean boycott them. Hmmm, how many of these restaurant owners do you think would welcome you in and allow you to film and present a segment on your program knowing it’ll open them up to boycotting an negative press. Your show goes bye bye in a hurry and your livelihood. #stopthehate Anthony

Because he’s a narrow minded intolerant dimwit who thinks his intolerance makes him moral which is important when you’ve abandoned real morality. You’re just making it up as you go along at that point.

What goes around comes around. I used to watch his show. Now that he wants to cry like a baby he’ll do it with one less viewer of his show. Many will boycott it just because he is a jerk who hasn’t grown up yet. Give him a participation award, stick a pacifier in his mug. Put a dirty diaper on him and pin a bloody safety pin in him to shut him up! Probably a good thing he doesn’t go into a Trump restaurant. He wouldn’t give an honest review anyway. Here’s to you Bourdain. May you always wonder if the next restaurant you critique is owned and operated by a republican or that the main chef is a conservative and doesn’t pee in you’re soup or hack a nice one in you’re giant squid sandwich. Happy eating you fool.

If that is his attitude towards the President and this country then from this day forward we will be boycotting any restaurant that appears on his television show. Clearly by appearing on his show they are approving of the political ideology, intolerance and hatred demonstrated by Mr. Bourdain in his shameful statements. We don’t need your bigotry and hate Mr. Bourdain.