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Another Fine Display of Intolerance and Bigotry

Last week, Ivanka Trump was flying JetBlue when a gay couple began harassing her in the presence of children. Adults are supposed to be setting an example for children, yet are acting like children themselves. After the incident, this gay couple has nothing to say. Wow! What cowards.

This is another fine example of intolerance and bigotry the very types of people who are promoting love and tolerance. Way to set an example for your child, douche bag. To harass a woman, who is basically trapped in place, in front of her young children, while holding your own child and your husband gleefully tweeting about it takes a special kind of douche bag. And I’m so freaking sick and tired of hypocrisy. What would have happened if Ivanka Trump had harassed this man because he was gay? What if she would have stood over him, addressed his child like he did hers, while her husband displayed his pride in the nasty behavior? I’ll say it again…douche bag.

Where is the respect for our president-elect children? Regardless of who it is. Regardless of who you voted for! This would never be acceptable for President Obama family, we should extend the same respect to ANY presidents children or spouse.

What’s deplorable? The behavior & complete disrespect by people these days for no reason. And in front of his children and hers. What a bully.

That’s liberals for you. They claim to be so freaking tolerant, but in the end, their horrible nastiness and hypocrisy always rises to the top. This is so reminiscent of all the liberals howling at Trump about “not accepting the election results” when the polls had HRC winning the election, but screaming and whining in displeasure and outrage when she actually lost. How shameful it is to be a liberal Democratic nowadays.

So it seems I recall Delta Airlines banning a Trump supporter for life after going on a verbal tirade against Clinton supporters. Why was this ass re-accommodated and not also banned for life?

These intolerant freaks are totally out of line and out of control. Their sense of self entitlement and utter hypocrisy is beyond belief. She didn’t deserve that whatsoever. These people are a stain on our nation.

No matter your political allegiances, this is wrong on so many levels…I would hope that during the Christmas season, folks (myself included) on all sides of the political spectrum, would take a break from the continued debate of where our country is headed and the personal attacks on one another.

JetBlue was too kind to re-accommodate the harassing party on the next available flight; they should have been inconvenienced by finding their own flight. Ivanka was too kind by not filing harassment charges.

You don’t have to like the idea that Trump is our next president. That is your right. But verbally attacking his daughter who is sitting with her 3 young children minding her own business is classless and mean. Those poor children had to listen to whatever sewage was spilling out of his mouth and directed at their mother.

These liberal morons have no respect or moral upbringing. What kind of a man insults a woman in front of her young children?? This guy is a pig degenerate. I don’t care what education he has. He is a despicable low class fool

Imagine the outrage of the left if this “gentleman” and his husband were the ones being ridiculed? We’d never hear the end of it. Bigotry goes both ways, liberals.

The extreme left wing has hit a new low. What is wrong with these people? Your candidate lost! Get over it. And quit accommodating these people. Their behavior is inexcusable and should be punished accordingly.

I would like to wish everyone the best during this most joyous season. Have a Merry Christmas and a highly successful New Year…God Bless to all!